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Lake of the Woods Business Directory

Looking for a vendor or top-rated local business in Lake of the Woods? Search through our directory of recommended businesses, providers, vendors, and other local resources. Need more recommendations? Just give us a call!

Utility Information

If you are moving to Lake of the Woods, here is a quick reference for the local utilities you may need to start services with.

Amerigas Propane
(540)898-0357 Fred
Blossman Propane
(540) 548-0254
Comcast - Cable, Phone, Internet
County Waste
(540) 899-7722
Quarles Propane
Rapidan Service Authority (water & sewer)
(540) 972-2133
Rappahanock Electric (REC)
(800) 552-3904
(800) 483-1000

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