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Lake of the Woods Walking Trails

There are many different paths that are made available for use within Lake of the Woods, include ones that are specific for walking, walking and biking, and for hiking. It is recommended that you always walk facing the traffic, and to always bike with traffic. It is best to avoid the busiest roads in the neighborhood, such as Mt. Pleasant Drive and Lakeview Pkwy. Always wear light-colored clothing in order to make your presence known to others who may be driving, especially when walking/hiking at night.

Remember to always plan out any trip before heading out, and inform someone of where you will be going, and when you plan on returning. It is also recommended that you carry a cell phone with you, especially if you’re planning on hiking in the wooded areas. Caring a snake bite kit is also recommend as an extra safety precaution. Remember to always be alert of traffic when walking/biking on the roads.

Each of the “Off Road” walking paths within Lake of the Woods have been developed and divided into core areas. These areas are: Sweetbriar Park, Greenspring Park, the Clubhouse/Marina, Spotswood Park, the various Section roads and the Golf Course. The Golf Cart paths are NOT be used for walking/jogging while the course is open for play. Walking and jogging is allowed on the Golf Cart path but can only be done in the morning before the Golf Course opens, and in the evening after the courses closes. Walking/jogging is allowed during the day ONLY when the course is closed for the day. The path is approximately 5.28 miles, and it’s recommended that you check with the Pro Shop for course hours.

The LOW Hiking Trail is approximately 2.07 miles long and does not allow for any bikes to be on the trail. Parts of the trail conjoin with National Park Service Land, and its recommended to follow all rules and guidelines provided. It’s wise to carry a cell phone when hiking through this area, as well as a snake bite kit, as vermin, snakes and ticks have been spotted within this area.

There are many “On Road” paths that can be found throughout Lake of the Woods. Remember to always be caution when walking/biking the roads, as you will have to share them with vehicles. Be sure to wear visible clothing in order to alert drivers of your presence. When walking/biking at night, be sure to carry a flashlight or have some sort of reflective apparel on.

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